VLC Media Player Download free for Windows (32-64 bit)

By | March 6, 2018

VLC Media Player Download, Overview, Introduction, and Key Features

VLC Media Player Overview

VLC Media PlayerIf you are the one who loves to watch videos, not on web browsers but using Media Players, then VLC Media Player will be the right catch. Before this, there were series of media players which were being used by the masses, but after the release of this Media Player, people almost forgot all the other media players. And I can suppose, you also would be using VLC Player to watch videos on your desktop computer.

Introduction to VLC Media Player

The VLC Player is an open source media player which provides you the ability to play all formats of the videos on the computer.

As I said VLC Media Player is open source media player, you can have the source code of this and can modify it accordingly your use and comforts.

It is also celebrated as the best among the thousands of the other media players.

The latest updated version has unleashed the new windows in controlling and customizing all types of the videos regardless of the formats.

What makes this media player stands out in the crowd is simple to use interface, easy to control navigation and decent streaming options.

Key Features of VLC Media Player:

To mention all the features of VLC Media Player would not be possible. As this is great featured and top-ranked media player, I am going to elaborate some of the most used features.

  • VLC Media Player can play almost all formats, you name the format and it will be listed in the supported formats
  • You can capture images of the videos being played in the player and can save them easily
  • Can record any part of the video
  • Add subtitles easily
  • Support more than one language transitions with simple taps
  • Video adjusting can move the video to any corner of the Windows
  • Can increase or decrease the speed of the video or audio
  • Angel adjustment allows you to rotate the video to any angle
  • Image sharpness makes you enable to have the desired color of the video
  • Stream an online video into VLC Media Player
  • Video magnification allows you to zoom in and zoom out the video
  • Add bit fun having the puzzle game by rotating constantly your videos in a circle
  • Panorama view allows you to create different portions of the videos
  • You can add your logo to video

So, you can download VLC Media Player latest version of this landed page. Tap the above download button and get the latest file downloaded to your computer.

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