Safari Browser Free Download for Windows (32-64 bit)

By | March 5, 2018

In this article we will be discussing Introduction and Key Features of Safari Browser. Along with that a direct link to download the software is also given.

Introduction to Safari Browser

Safari BrowserSafari Browser is developed by Apple Inc. Safari is a simple web browser, which is quite easy to use. This unique Web Browser was originally introduced for internal Operating System Mac, which is now also available for the Windows users. Using Safari you can shop online to banking and commerce. Users from all over the world access websites they are looking for using Safari.

Like other web browsers, it also offers a wide range of functions/ tasks that are essential to be done for every user. Apple has also incorporated various unique roles/ tools, which give Safari an economical edge over other available browsers in the market.

Safari has accomplished to amaze users with its modest design and unique features and reputation of Apple Inc. adds more reputation to it. Safari Browser is also compatible with personally used devices like mobile phones, Laptops and Personal Computers.

Key Features of Safari Browser:

More Browsing Space: Safari Browser is designed to emphasis the browsing not the browser. The browser structure is single pixel wide. You will witness scroll bar when needed. Safari by default has no status bar, in fact a progress indicator turns when your page loads.

You will find Browser tabs at the top, opening a much wider window to view websites. Safari is an amazing and surprising browser that simply lets you enjoy the web.

Visit sites you need: If you are looking for a website, which is already visited in past but you just can’t remember. To solve that you simply use Full History Search to rapidly find sites, using even the vaguest search terms. If you click on a web page in Cover Flow, it is because you have recognized it as the website you were looking for, no more predicting. Various innovative features are introduced in Safari Browser that lets you know how good your browsing can be.

Speed Satisfaction: Safari Browser is world’s fastest browser, which has quickness to burn. You don’t even need to wait for pages to load? To watch the searched results, check current stock prices, get the latest news, right now.

Safari Browser Other Key Features:

2x Faster Blazing Performance

Safari Browser is one of the fastest ever web browser available on any platform.

Elegant User Interface

It’s easy look interface allows you to concentrate on the web, not your browser.

Easy Bookmarks

You can easily organize in seconds, your bookmarks like organizing the music in iTunes.

Blocking Pop-Up

Safari Browser says goodbye to the annoying pop-up ads & pop-under windows.

Tabbed Browsing

In a single window you can just open and switch between multiple web pages.

Inline Find

With the integrated banner you can search any text on any website.

Snap Back

Instantaneously go back to search results you need or at the top of a website.

Built-in RSS

You get RSS feeds that tells you the new content is added to your sites (favorite).

Forms Auto-Fill

Allow Safari Browser to online fill forms completely and securely for you.

Private Browsing

Keep your personal online activities in a much private way, with a single click.


Apple Inc. Engineers designed Browser Safari Browser to be secure from day one.

Resize-able Text Fields

Text fields can be easily resized on any website: You just need to grab the corner and drag.

What’s New in Safari Browser ?

  • An improvement in JavaScript performance up to 13% over Safari Browser 5.1 is made.
  • Improve permanency, using Find, dragging tabs, and managing extensions.
  • Addressing issues, which may cause unnecessary memory usage and hangs.
  • Improve stability for websites, which use the Silver-light plug-in.
  • Addressing an issue that could cause History items to appear incorrectly.
  • Addressing an issue, which may prevent East Asian character input into webpages (Flash content).
  • Addressing an issue, which may prevent Google Safe Browsing Service from updating.
  • Improvement in printing from Safari Browser is made.

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