Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for PC

By | March 3, 2018

In this article, we will be discussing Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer with detailed Overview, Introduction, Key Features and a downloadable link to Browser Mozilla Firefox is also provided at the end.

Mozilla Firefox Review

Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is a free and open-source internet browser. Due to its speed and ease of use it is very popular. Firefox can be used on laptops, desktops and mobile devices i.e smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with Windows, Linux, OS X, as well as Firefox OS and Android. Today Firefox is available in 79 different languages and is continuously being improved and updated.

It is habitually a programmer and gamer desired, as it offers a wide multiplicity of add-on possibilities. This gives Firefox a great mark of flexibility, allowing users to customize their browsing online, experience to a much higher degree than would usually be possible. Firefox is well-found with many special possibilities that enhance the users browsing involvement. Among these are consistent malware and antivirus protection, secure  browsing, regular updates, smart location bar that enables users to return to websites visited already, spell check, one-click website information, virtual sticky notes, and much more. Firefox also has a session continuation feature, which allows its users to continue, where they left off, when they close the browser, ensuring that you don’t lose your open pages.

Introduction to Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open source and free web browser developed and owned by the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla Firefox contains vital elements of all necessary browsing that includes smart bookmarks, tabbed interface, Private Browsing, live bookmarks, and much more. Firefox also owns support for major web standards, better performance, and also includes a special developer tools like Java Script (Error Console) and DOM Inspector.

Mozilla Firefox also deals a great output when it comes to performance from other web browsers, i.e. with its support for thousands of add-ons as well as extensions, which comes under categories like privacy, news, security, blogs, entertainment, tools, humor, and many others.

Mozilla Firefox is also well-found of anti-phishing and anti-malware tools, as well as a download manager, an RSS Feed Reader and a spellchecker. It also deals in boosted support for multi-touch support, HTML5, and an optimized Java script translator named Trace Monkey.

For zealous viewers who take interest in written content, Firefox comes with an improved Reader Mode, which eliminates buttons, advertisements, and background images, font size, while adjusting layout, face, and contrast to increase readability. Readers Mode also comes with upkeep for text-to-speech translation, enabling your browser read an article even while users browse other pages. Reader Mode is extremely customizable, allowing users to squeeze the settings to their liking, with everything from fonts to voice and to light and dark themes available.

The latest form of Mozilla Firefox features multi-process support, providing way better performance, while decreasing the occurrence of freezing. The updated backing provides 400% better approach ability compared to previous version browsers.

Key Features of Mozilla Firefox

Way Faster

Mozilla Firefox contains a crazy powerful browser engine that takes less time waiting around for pages to load and provides the best browsing.

30% lighter than Chrome

Firefox takes less memory usage that means more space for computer to keep running effortlessly.

Smooth browsing

Whether you have opened 10 or 1000 tabs, you can switch between tabs much faster than ever with Firefox’s novel responsive engine.

Private Browsing

Firefox does not allow online trackers, while users browsing and won’t remember your history after you are done.

Tracking Protection

Most of the browsers have ads that have hidden trackers which follow you online; Firefox stops them cold.

Faster Page Loading

Mozilla Firefox blocks some ads and scripts, which bog down browsing, and pages load up to 44% faster. Using Firefox it’s a win-win situation.


Firefox has the capability of taking uncomplicated screenshots using Firefox and sharing them directly.


Save your time! Get favorite contents like bookmarks, downloads, Pocket saves, browsing history and screenshots in just one spot (Firefox).


Using thousands of extensions i.e uBlock Origin, LastPass, Evernote etc. you can easily customize Firefox.


According to your need you can suit your mood. Can choose new look from the Firefox themes categories or even you can create your desired one.


The drag and drop features enables you to make in and out of your toolbar to make it an easy access.

Synchronize your devices

Flawlessly access to bookmarks, passwords, and more. You can also use the Send Tabs feature for fast share open tabs between mobile, desktop and tablet.

Note: Mozilla Firefox also support for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10.

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