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By | February 6, 2018

In this article we will be discussing about Adobe PDF Reader. We will be looking into the Introduction, Accessing/ Previewing files, Good Parts and an essential tool of Adobe PDF Reader. You will also get a download-able link at the end of this article regarding the subject software.

Adobe PDF Reader

Adobe PDF ReaderSometimes name of a product explain it beautifully like “Adobe PDF Reader” that contains the whole meaning and function of its own. It just enables you to see / read documents that are encrypted in pdf format. Adobe pdf reader is completely free and this is the right place you may download it and install it on your personal computer. This is the place.

Accessing / previewing the files in Adobe PDF Reader

If you have any document in pdf format then PDF reader will let you see / read once it is installed on your computer (Free to download). It also gives you some handy options like seeing single / multiple pages at the same time. You may navigate (from sidebar) or dragged the page and best part is that it has the ability of copy & text conversion for editing purpose in some other program. You may access the application of PDF Reader once installed from the taskbar tab in windows or automatically generated icon that usually resides on the desktop.

Good Parts of Adobe PDF Reader

The best part of PDF Reader is that it is open source (easily accessible). Second thing is that it consumes less resources compared to other pdf readers of Adobe, which directly does not suffer the normal execution of a machine when it is opened. Free PDF Reader is fine because it works and if your machine hardly runs and opened programs are burden for it then it is a reasonable alternate. It is now integrated with most of the existing browsers and enables you to comment, share and print easily. It helps you to open hundreds of manuals, documents and forms etc.

An Essential Tool

PDF Reader is more reliable, faster and simple tool if you need to open and print documents (.pdf) frequently with full screen mode and it is also visible on small screens.


  • It is free
  • Full Screening Reading
  • Send Files by email
  • Notes (Sticky) and options
  • Increased Security
  • Accessibility Options
  • It works as intended


  • Looks Dated
  • Advertising is a pain
  • Functionality is limited.

We hope you like our article on Adobe PDF Reader. If you have any question, suggestion or query; you may post your valuable comments below here.

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